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"I Wahaha Yo Yo over a cup of tea out of a lot of flaky white precipitate, very sick ... ... "Yesterday, members of the public complaints against Ms. Chung called the newspaper, said she had purchased three bottles of the Wahaha brand Yo Yo tea, which has a white precipitate, call to the Wahaha companies did not get a reasonable answer and the corresponding compensation.

"Yo Yo tea" found in the sediments of unknown

According to Ms. Chung introduced the morning of her 19th child safety Road, groceries to buy a bottle of Wahaha brand Yo Yo tea, did not expect was a few sips, the tea flavor is very normal feeling. "Bite the solids was feeling, but still a little strange taste of tea, very sick." Ms. Chung told reporters.

Ms. Chung closer look and found this bottle of tea containing a white precipitate sheet. She subsequently went to grocery sales within the inquiry. "Salesperson can not tell one why they are, then I bought two bottles of the same type of tea, given that two bottles of milk are also found in white flaky precipitate."

Three bottles of "problem" of tea are in the shelf-life period

Reporter noted that Ms. Chung Yo Yo purchased three bottles of milk is milk and honey vanilla flavor Tea From Zhejiang Wahaha prosperity Beverages Group Co.Ltd. Three bottles of milk were produced in January, were 9 months shelf life. News and looking at a bottle production date for the January 18, 2009 in the milk, caused by the Package Logo encased, this bottle of tea does not seem strange appearance, but at the bottom but can clearly see that there are a lot of white flaky precipitate.

"After drinking I felt a little dizzy, feeling very sick. How can manufacturers such goods on the market up it?" Ms. Chung said angrily.

White precipitate is normal to be called "physics"

"I was saying on the phone to the factory to discuss the company sent a salesman, my reason to check the body, but the clerk refused to accompany me to the hospital, agreeing to pay compensation only three bottles of milk." chứng khoán là gì Angry Ms. Chung then to 12,315 complaints.

Yesterday morning, reporters rushed to the sun, accompanied by Ms. Chung with the Trade and Industry Branch for investigation. Ten minutes later, claiming Wahaha three men arrived at the scene of Nanchang dealer. See the presence of media reporters, the three men insisted that all journalists to leave temporarily, Ms Chung said the first mediation and then explain to the media. But Trade and Industry Bureau conference room to wait for nearly three hours, no one after the other party mediation to explain to the media.

Ms. Chung told reporters, "they said sediments may be caused during transportation, is a normal object behavior. And then asked me what had been requested, to how the mediation." Ms. Chung said that although the dealer compensation for her 500 dollars, but the other deposits have not been explained what she did not know milk drink after this would cause any physical harm. Ms Chung said that the answer is obvious in terms of irresponsible consumers.

Dealers declined to be interviewed "Continuous three bottles of milk have the same problem, why is that sediment is normal physics?" Face the press. A man named Gong Guofeng said the word "We have a good mediation and the complainant, and our products are not the problem" after the word about, and then three left the scene. Before leaving Gong Guofeng told reporters at 1 o'clock on the matter before a note to reporters, but until the evening news delivery in the end, has not received other calls. Consecutive three bottles of milk

Why would face the same problem? Milk within the sediments is unknown what substance? Newspaper would report the matter to track.


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