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Well-dressed New Yorkers and wannabes in want of retail therapy should rush to Salvatore ferragamo belt outlet, stat. The 2-story flagship store boasts a lobby stuffed with sharp heels and glove-smooth leather-based loafers, plus prepared-to-wear collections for males (upstairs) and ladies (downstairs); a slew of clutches, hobos, totes and briefcases are additionally scattered across the space. Approach earlier than Vuitton snagged Uma, Salvatore ferragamo belt outlet set up a Hollywood shop and turned the official shoemaker to the stars. The designer himself died in 1960, but his namesake house is now recognized for subtle color palettes, extraordinary craft, and luxurious materials—values proudly upheld by this store's brilliant shows. All through the high-ceilinged, glass-paneled house, mannequins sport swank, Euro-model garb, from simple fits with richly colored silk cravats to little black dresses and crazy gold heels. The label's well-known silk ties, made in Italy and imported monthly, are proudly displayed on easily accessible shelves. — Faran Alexis Krentcil

Modern shoe addicts can read about Ferragamo Shoes Outlet ('s adventures in Shoemaker of Goals, an autobiography first printed in 1957 (and sadly not out there at the shop).

Publish-Christmas and summer sales.

Key Departments

The Italian couturier makes three trademark kinds of sleek suits (from $2,000). Tuxedo choices embrace basic black ($2,590) in addition to more elaborate versions.

This luxury-goods emporium is thought for its expertly crafted handmade footwear. The black, elongated wingtip oxford with perforated detailing in polished calfskin is a solid selection for the refined groom.