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Doing everything yourself can yield good results. But most exhibitors are unfamiliar with the core design aspects that are necessary to create an effective trade show display. As such, their booths never quite match up to the professionally-designed booths that surround them.

It's your first event and you're thinking about hiring a professional to help you build your trade show exhibit. Or maybe you've been doing this for years, but have always built your own displays as a way to save money. This year, though, you're considering a different approach - one that will deliver better results.


For example, ask whether the company will merely design your exhibit or if it'll be involved in the installation and dismantling process at the event. Ask about the percentage of proposed projects that have been completed by the company. Find out whether they track customer satisfaction, and if so, how their customers rate their service. Ask how long the company has been in the booth design business and whether the original team of designers is still involved in the process.


Another thing to consider at this stage is transport vehicle solutions. Whether you are building the booth on the venue or on a separate location, you would need vehicle to transport materials or to transfer the stall you have already built.


It's impossible to miss the guys on the boardwalk or at the fair. That's deliberate. That's the point of all the silly-looking large ice cream cones and lemon shapes. At a crowded event, it's easy for people to overlook you purely by accident, unless you ensure that they can't miss you.


High Demand for Interior Designers
Since Interior Design as a career has recently come to the spotlight, it is not wrong to say that there is a scarcity of interior designers in the nation at the moment. Currently, there is a huge need for interior designers in India. So if you are planning to take up an interior design as a career now, I would say you are in the right time to shine!


When you are trying to appeal to a crowd, you should make it as clear as possible what you're about. They should know what you're offering, and you should communicate this in a way that's memorable. Bright and sparkly decor makes a great impression, but it doesn't really brand your product the way something more specific will. Don't avoid accessories that are purely eye catching, but don't rely on them too much or you'll dilute your brand.


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The career will give you a long list of reasons to be out of office, whether it is to meet clients, contractors, architects and or to visit the site to review the progress.  So if you are a person who dislikes boring office jobs and like creative jobs where your ideas and spirit is appreciated, interior design is for you!


You should have a clear grasp of the image you want to convey and the message you want to communicate with your trade show exhibit. It's important to consider these details before starting the design process. Otherwise, the job can easily become stalled.


But how do you effectively create an exhibition stand that instantly draws the interest of people and attracts favorable results? Below are some tips you can keep in mind when building your exhibition stand.


The cost of your booth will probably be the biggest expense associated with exhibiting at the event. Assuming your budget is limited, it's important to establish in advance the maximum amount you can afford to spend on your booth's design. Unlike purchasing a state-of-the-art display system for a specific price, you risk cost overruns if you neglect to define a ceiling.

With city dwellers increasing day by day and available living spaces dwindling correspondingly, effective use of the available space has become a grave necessity. And owing to the increased standard of living in India and the new mindset of the younger generation, interior design has become an independent field of its own, coming out of the shadows of architecture and civil engineering.


There are many factors to consider in this phase. Consulting the experts is highly recommended. However, these are the two most important things to keep in mind - defining the purpose and conceptualizing the looks of your stand.


Several second-parties' successes however, usually determine the success of trade show exhibits. These may include sponsoring organization staff, management staff, caterers and kiosks designers as well as computer technicians. A miniature market place for the organization is created through the help of these people and this basically reflects the company's essence. Offering give away prices to exhibit attendees by various exhibitors is a way to ensure success is achieved.


Putting a large ice cream cone on top of your exhibit isn't the way to do it, but you need to get noticed. In the same way you can see an ice cream vendor a mile away, attendees need to notice your exhibit from afar. If they can't, they won't know what you're offering them, and they'll be less inclined to come see your display for themselves.