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25 inches Kiss lock closure Inside lined in nylon Textured hand Multiple poppy flower print on exterior This floral print coin purse has a pretty exterior sample and high high quality hand.

WELCOMEWe invite you to bid and message us with ANY questions you will have and we'll do our best to respond within 24 hours to your message.

The sacred "Tree of Life" from the backyard of Eden is one of the most popular tapestries and wall hangings.

Wall artwork , tapestry made of I believe cloth not canvas. Vintage from the 60/70s. Kinda trippy but very cool. Or take a voyage to the European Oceanside with our elegant Mediterranean tapestry wall hangings.

My First Bambina was visiting thrift shops when she got here throughout an unbelievable find - for a dollar! "We get dirty stuff, full of shit and burrs, in a huge massive bale and it gets despatched to my folks in Swaziland.

Outdoors, Japanese maples and distinctive perennials catch your eye with their sensible hues, and are arranged into charming "garden-scapes," with loads of unique nooks to explore (it was so cozy, I could imagine sitting down with a book to learn).

I’ll be sharing progress and a pair other finishing concepts along the way. I hope you get pleasure from stitching them as much as I do!

Brighten up any area with this lovely. Add an ethnic feel to your room with this cotton handmade wall hanging. Ships on time with tracking, zero problems with past sales. 0.8% unfavourable suggestions. Top-Rated Vendor! Ships on time with tracking, 0 problems with past gross sales.

The silk is the best high quality French silk from Au Ver a Soie - 12 spools of Soie de Paris and 3 spools of Soie Gobelins.

Share with him a playful and enjoyable time helping him make this XXL Canvas Kit . Blue skies and sandy beaches - this vibrant tapestry depicting a row of decorated Beach Huts will lift your spirits and remind you of happy days on the seashore.

As we weave the tapestries of our lives, we step by step begin to see our designs from a wider angle of years.

Add an ethnic feel to your room with this attractive Wall hanging. These every Round Tapestry has their distinctive imperfection. You possibly can reward this stunning Handmade Indian merchandise to your Love once.

A must have in any season for all ethnic savvy ones. Design - The Tapestry. By no means use a tapestry as a rug, even in an area without heavy traffic. You must cling a tapestry to properly protect it.

Please perceive that when you choose these lower cost shipping options, the item can take as much as two weeks to arrive! Granted, you’re not going to find them for a buck. However they're good kits, particularly in case you are keen on historical needlework!

76 (45mm) diameter when fully closed Will work on tables up to 2 (50mm) thick This handy little device serves the dual function of compact mirror and purse hanger.